9 Types of Beauty Spas to Recharge Your Body & Mind

Aesthetics Daily – Visiting a beauty spa can be your way to relieve stress and relax. Spa treatments provide additional benefits such as a clear mind and increased productivity. Your body and mind will be more refreshed that make you ready to return to your daily activities.

You can get a variety of basic spa treatments including body massage, face and body treatments, manicures, pedicures and more. One of the most popular spa treatments is facial, a deep cleansing on your face that makes skin healthier and fresher. Before you go to the spa, it is better for you to get to know the types of spas first.

Different Types of Spas & Their Treatments

1. Day Spa

Day spa is a spa or salon that provides various services to improve beauty and health. You will get relaxation through a variety of services including body massages, facials, nail treatments, body scrubs and more. Unlike the usual beauty salons, day spas provide various facilities such as sauna, swimming pool to steam room.

These facilities provide additional benefits that are not found in beauty salons in general. Even so, there are also a number of day spas that combine salon and spa in one place. Thus, you will get a more complete range of treatments from spa treatments to hair treatments.

You will have time to relax in a place with a calming and peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, you are pampered with spa treatments that refresh your body and mind. This is the best benefit you get when visiting a day spa.

2. Hotel or Resort Spa

There is a difference between a resort or hotel spa and a destination spa, although in recent years the two terms have quite synonymous meanings. Classic resort spa offers a wide range of facilities including tennis, golf, swimming, fitness center, exercise classes, kids club and more. Usually, you pay for each service separately.

At the spa which is located within the resort or hotel complex, you get services including massages, body and facial treatments. Usually, you pay for an a la carte spa treatment. In addition, you will have access to a variety of facilities that are generally more luxurious than a day spa. Simply put, you can have more fun and relax than just looking for a healthy body.

Spa resorts are more suitable for travelers who need a massage. For those of you who come together with friends or family, including children, you can come to the resort spa. In there, everyone can do different activities at the same time.

3. Destination Spa

What is a destination spa? Anyone who visits the destination spa only to get various spa services. The people’s main goal of going to the destination spa is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Some destination spas are designed in remote villages or mountainous areas away from the city crowd.

You can stay at the destination spa as long as you need from a few days to several months. Prices at destination spas vary, generally covering all meals, classes, and some spa treatments. This is different from resorts or spa hotels that offer a spa as a complement in addition to recreational activities such as tennis, golf and swimming.

Several destination spas offer a complete program that includes fitness classes, educational classes, healthy meals, and seminars. Destination spas which are generally located in exotic locations also offer treatments such as beauty salons or day spas.

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4. Airport Spa

Waiting for a plane to depart or arrive at the airport can take a lot of time. The airport itself has a stressful environment that makes anyone feel exhausted. It gets worse when you have to sit or wait for hours. Especially if you have to walk around in the airport complex which have very large area.

On the other hand, airport visitors continue to demand better services. The presence of a spa at the airport seems to be the answer for those who want to use their time while in the airport environment to rejuvenate themselves. You can also try various relaxation services, from manicures to massages.

5. Medical Spa

A medical spa which is also called a medi-spa or med spa is a combination of a traditional spa and a medical clinic. You can get a relaxing spa experience and procedures that are usually only found in doctor’s offices. Medical spas are operated by qualified medical professionals or doctors who oversee the procedure.

The fundamental difference between a regular spa and a medical spa is the type of procedure offered. Medical spas offer services that cannot be found in regular spas. For example, treatments that aim to make skin younger and treat various skin problems including fine lines, wrinkles, freckles to acne.

Other types of treatments include laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, photofacial, chemical peels, and others. Unlike traditional spas, medical spas rely on medical grade technology that only qualified physicians or beauticians can operate. Technologies that are often used in medical spas include laser devices, intense pulsed light (IPL), ultrasound to light emitting diode (LED).

6. Cruise Ship Spa

One of the best ways to spend time on a cruise ship is to try treatments at a luxury spa. The existence of a spa on board the cruise ship aims to ensure complete relaxation to the passengers. The spa is a relaxing space on a floating ship as a means of reducing stress during a trip.

Like the first class spas you will find on land, cruise ship spas offer the relatively same standards and luxury. You will be served by certified beauty therapists who are experts in body and facial treatments. To make sure you are served according to the time you have, you should contact the cruise staff.

7. Mineral Springs Spa

For centuries, mineral springs have been used for their ability to relieve various physical ailments such as rheumatism, joint pain, arthritis and others. To get the spa benefits, you can soak in hot water for a while.

Mineral springs spas vary widely in facilities and levels of luxury. Some mineral springs spas are baths where you can soak in a private room. Meanwhile, there are luxury hotels and resorts located above mineral springs.

8. Club Spa

A club spa is a day spa located within a larger health club or gym. The adjoining fitness and wellness facilities at the spa club are mostly exclusive to those paying for monthly or yearly memberships. The club spa offers a variety of facilities including a luxury spa, lounge, cafe and gym.

9. Mobile Spa

Mobile spa is the best solution for those of you who are very busy and don’t have time to go to a beauty spa. To get the service you need, all you have to do is call the existing contact number or place an online order via the website. Depending on where you want to be served, the beauty therapist will come to your home or office.

There are two categories of clients who can use the mobile spa services, namely individuals and companies. Mobile spa providers provide on-site services for corporate events, exhibitions, tournaments and other activities involving large crowds. Because a mobile spa is visiting your place, you must provide adequate space.

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