14 Types of Lipsticks for Lip Beauty and How to Use Them

Aesthetics Daily – One of the main makeup items that can not be separated from women is lipstick. There are various kinds of lipstick that are generally useful to enhance your appearance. Lipstick can protect your lips from cold and wind. The natural oils and emollients in it provide the moisture you need for your lips.

No matter what style of lip color you choose, you will feel beautiful in no time. Choosing the right lipstick makes your smile look nice and bright. Lipstick can also make lips look fuller and plumper if that’s your goal. On the other hand, you can make your lips appear smaller or less full if you apply the lipstick correctly.

Types of Lipsticks & Their Use

1. Moisturizing lipsticks

Dry lips can be easily treated with a moisturizing lipstick. Instead, you can use a moisturizing lipstick so your lips don’t dry out. Some ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and glycerin not only keep lips moisturised but also smooth and soft. Your lips will look wet and shiny, giving a healthier and more attractive impression.

2. Sheer lipsticks

Sheer lipsticks may look very similar to other colored lipsticks when it comes to packaging. Besides being useful for moisturizing lips, sheer lipstick can also make lips look more shiny. This lipstick contains a lot of oil so the color may appear lighter when you use it. You should apply it throughout the day for the best effect.

3. Gloss lipsticks

Gloss lipsticks are very popular among women who have thin and small lips. This type of lipstick will make your lips look bigger and a little bit shinier. To give the perfect blend of color and shine, you can use regular lipstick under the lip gloss.

4. Cream lipsticks

Women who have small lips are perfect for wearing lipstick with cream in it. A non-shiny yet slightly smooth cream lipstick for a more even look. Or, you can add lip gloss on top of the lipstick for a flattering look. Containing more wax than other types of lipstick, cream lipsticks protect lips from drying out.

5. Pearl lipsticks

Designed to reflect light and give a glossy effect, pearl lipsticks are a great choice for parties or formal occasions. However, this type of lipstick will cause your lips to feel dry, or even chapped. Therefore, it is recommended for you to use lip balm before using pearl lipstick.

6. Lipstick stains

Concentrated on color with less sheen, lipstick stains are low maintenance, high impact. This type of long lasting lipstick is available in various colors and patterns. Lipstick stains, which are usually pencil-shaped, look great when layered with another color. For a soft and subtle look, you can wear nude colors.

7. Matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are for women who do not like glossy lipsticks. You will get an even look when you apply lipstick instead of shine. There are various color choices that you can choose according to your taste. Matte lipstick makes your lips look younger and smoother. Some matte lipsticks contain vitamin E or aloe vera which are useful for protecting the lips.


8. Long wearing lipsticks

Long lasting lipstick is perfect for those of you who work long hours or do activities all day but don’t want to apply lipstick over and over again. For the most part, this type of lipstick will stay on your lips for four to eight hours. However, you may need to reapply the lipstick if you get greasy food on your lips.

9. Lip liners

Lip liner is used to emphasize the shape of the lips or is a bit of a visual trick. Some users will outline the spaces beyond the thinner lip lines and fill them in with liner or with lip color. Visually, this will increase the size of one or both lips. You can also use a lip liner as a strong stain and simply fill in your lips and top them with a layer of color or gloss.

10. Lipgloss

Unlike glossy lipsticks, you will need to apply lip gloss more frequently if you want your lips to stay moisturised and shiny throughout the day. Like lipstick, lip gloss is available in a variety of colors. A lip gloss that is lighter than most lipsticks will not last long on the lips. However, you can use it so that your lips don’t dry out.

11. Lip balms

Traditionally, lip balms are used to heal, moisturize or cover the lips. Lip balm which is often called chapstick must be applied continuously. Both women and men and even children in areas with colder or drier climates usually use lip balm to maintain healthy lips.

12. Lip crayons

Typically, lip crayons are tinted balms or lipsticks that come in crayon form. Like lipsticks, lip crayons come in many different formulas and finishes such as matte, metallic, glossy and others. Lip crayons are easier to use which allows for a lot of precision. You can easily line and fill your lips with the pointy lip crayon.

13. Lip tints

Lip gloss and lipstick contain waxes and oils which cause it to peel off from the lips. While lip tints usually have a liquid or gel base, sometimes they are even mousse in texture. Lip tints contain pigments that last a long time on the lips so they last all day long. There are several types of lip tints, including liquid lip tints, tint sticks, peel off lip tints, and matte lip tints.

14. Lip primer

As the name suggests, lip primer is the base of the lips that allows the lip color to stick. Lip primers are great for extending the life of your lip makeup. The formula works to keep the lip color in place.

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