ULTIMA II Releases Skincare-Infused Makeup “The Nakeds Series”

Together with Kevyn Aucoin in the 1990s, ULTIMA II once launched a series of decorative makeup products called The Nakeds Series which were then popular in the market. Now, towards the end of the year, ULTIMA II is again presenting The Nakeds Series which consists of several cosmetic products. This series besides Including the benefits of skincare in makeup also comes with a new, more attractive packaging.

Nina M. Yunianto as Managing Director of International Business Group & Licensed Cosmetics of ULTIMA II Indonesia at a press conference, Wednesday (31/11), said that The Nakeds Series is aimed at reviving the natural makeup trend.

In addition, the presence of The Nakeds Series helps customers have healthier and more naturally beautiful skin. The Nakeds Series, which carries the message #MyWayToBeReal, encourages customers to feel more confident.

Nitto Suwandi as Deputy Operation Director of ULTIMA II Indonesia explained that ULTIMA II believes women have natural beauty with different characters. The Nakeds Series comes in a variety of products including Absolutely Flawless Face Mist, Concealer Stick, Face Powder, and Eyebrow Perfector. All of these latest products are adapted to the 2023 makeup trends.

The eyebrow shades in this series consist of gray and brown. Meanwhile, concealer sticks are available in shades of light and medium beige. Concealer stick is included in the product range considering that it is easier to apply and carry around. Additionally, there is a face mist with a size of 30 ml which has makeup resistance for eight hours.

ultima ii the nakeds series makeup skincare benefits ingredients cosmetic new
Image source: Ultima II

Sully Suharjo as General Manager of Sales and Marketing of ULTIMA II Indonesia said that next year’s makeup trend is clean and new natural makeup. At the same time, the well-known make-up artist (MUA) Upan Duvan stated that flawless shades are still the makeup trend for next year. According to Upan, most people want radiant skin but still look natural.

The launch of The Nakeds Series was also enlivened by an exhibition at the Food Society, Kota Kasablanka Mall, South Jakarta which will last until December 4. The event which was attended by several content creators and professional MUAs was filled with variously interesting activities including beauty talks and beauty workshops.

Makeup Look a la Upan Duvan

The character of each individual greatly affects the appearance of a person’s makeup. Therefore, Upan Duvan shares several types of makeup based on the personality of Indonesian women.

1. The Go Getters

ultima ii the nakeds series makeup skincare benefits ingredients cosmetic new
Image source: Ultima II

This type of makeup depicts the character of a person who has a strong will and ability to make her dreams real. She always gets support from her colleagues to lead.

Not only through speaking and thinking, she is able to carry out influential, real actions. This personality usually describes a corporate worker, entrepreneur or working mom.

The Go-Getter makeup look (HD Strokes Eyebrow with a natural look) can be achieved by using a primer, concealer, light to medium loose powder, and liquid facial moisturizer (face mist). The next step, on the cheeks can be added rosy sheer powder blushes.

On the lips you can applly a natural pink color with a matte look. Most importantly, add eyeliner that looks simple and classic in the eye. Don’t forget to style the bushy eyebrows and stroke the eyebrows using eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil.

2. The Adorkable Girl

ultima ii the nakeds series makeup skincare benefits ingredients cosmetic new
Image source: Ultima II

This look represents a teenage girl who follows trends in music, fashion and culture. This personality is usually synonymous with a student or young professional.

To get the Adorkable Girl look, you can use primer, concealer, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, and face mist as a makeup base. On the cheeks, you can add coral blush and natural coral lipstick.

Furthermore, in the eye area you can add a simple and thin eyeliner (waterline). Also use eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil to make the eyebrows more attractive.

3. Fashion Guru

ultima ii the nakeds series makeup skincare benefits ingredients cosmetic new
Image source: Ultima II

This personality is evident in someone who has expertise and interest in fashion. This characteristic is perfect for someone who wants a Perfect Complexion makeup look. You can use a primer, foundation with high coverage, loose powder, and face mist.

On the cheeks you can add blush and contouring in addition to highlighting the cheekbones. Next, on the eyes you can add a classic wing shaped eyeliner. Finally on the eyebrows, don’t forget to use eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil

4. Artsy Lady

ultima ii the nakeds series makeup skincare benefits ingredients cosmetic new
Image source: Ultima II

It describes someone who is usually an artist having a penchant for colors. She is usually more likely to be happy behind the scenes. This makeup look is perfect for someone who really likes minimalist makeup.

First of all, as a makeup base, use a primer, foundation with light coverage and loose powder, as well as concealer and liquid facial moisturizer (face mist). Next, add a natural pink blush.

Create an ombre colored lip look between pink and red. The next step, use a simple and thin eyeliner and add mascara and an eyebrow pencil to further define the eye area.

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