Ultraformer III: A Non-Surgical Procedure for Skin Tightening & Lifting

Aesthetics Daily – Many people want their skin to be smoother, free of wrinkles and their face to look thinner, but on the other hand, they don’t want to get surgical or invasive treatments. This problem can be overcome with MMFU (micro macro focused ultrasound) technology-based devices such as Ultraformer III which is widely used in some high-end aesthetic clinics.

Dr. Ade Putri, Aesthetic Doctor of Amskin Aesthetic Clinic, explains that Ultraformer III is almost the same as HIFU device but has a number of additional advantages. With MMFU technology, Ultraformer III is able to reach narrower areas in certain parts of the body.

Benefits of Ultraformer III

Ultraformer III is useful for reducing visible signs of skin aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on the face as well as improving skin elasticity. “In addition to the face, we can also apply Ultraformer III on the neck and body,” says Dr. Putri.

benefits ultraformer III hifu treatments advantages pros cons side effects skin lifting
Dr. Ade Putri, Aesthetic Doctor of Amskin Aesthetic Clinic

The results of Ultraformer III include a firmer looking face, corrected fine lines and wrinkles, and a more lifted contour of the cheeks. The non-invasive Ultraformer III treatment requires no downtime where results can be seen immediately in one session. Furthermore, patients will see a difference within one month after treatment.

Another plus, Ultraformer III can also stimulate collagen production. Ultraformer III is equipped with a number of handheld devices that can target varying depths of skin layers. Those that can be selected based on the patient’s condition and expectations can perform several functions ranging from breaking down fat to stimulating collagen growth.

Meanwhile for facial contouring, Ultraformer III can be combined with other types of treatments such as Meso Lipo. The type of treatment options depend on the condition and age of the patient. For example, patients aged 50 years and over can only get Ultraformer III treatment to tighten sagging areas.

Meanwhile, patients with chubby cheeks aged around 25 years whose collagen is still good can get Ultraformer III treatment combined with Meso Lipo. “We don’t exaggerate patient expectations. So they just get the appropriate treatment and then we evaluate 1 month later to determine whether they need to get Ultraformer III treatment in the next 3 months or not,” Dr. Putri explains.

benefits ultraformer III hifu treatments advantages pros cons side effects skin lifting

Ultraformer III gives relatively satisfactory results without requiring much repetition. This treatment is for those aged 20 and over who have signs of skin aging. In addition, Ultraformer III is also suitable for those who do not wish to undergo invasive procedures such as Botox or Thread Lift.

Process of Ultraformer III Treatment

Without topical anesthesia, Ultraformer III does not cause significant pain. The Ultraformer is equipped with a handheld device that can be changed according to the area being treated and the purpose of the treatment.

Patients go through an anemesis to exactly determine if they need treatment. Some parts of the patient’s face being treated will be drawn. “We first map the treated facial area, adjusting it to the Ultraformer III handheld device. Then we use the gel to channel Ultraformer III’s energy to the facial area,” explains Dr. Putri.

Next, the treated area gets the appropriate dose (shoot) of Ultraformer. Being able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, Ultraformer III takes about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

It needs ensuring that the patients who want to get Ultraformer III treatment are not experiencing dental problems. This is mainly because the energy from the ultrasound device can trigger intense tooth pain. “The patient will feel uncomfortable because of the pain,” she adds.

In addition, Ultraformer III is not recommended for patients who have recently received Botox. While those with active acne need to get acne treatment first before proceeding to Ultraforner III treatment.

Ultraformer III provides minimal side effects. Every patient gets a different reaction but some of them may experience swelling in the treated area. “This swelling is actually inflammation due to the working process of Ultraformer. To deal with the swelling, it is sufficient to apply an ice pack,” says Dr. Putri.

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