VIP Skin Center Releases Two New Treatments on Its 2nd Anniversary

Aesthetics Daily – VIP Skin Center celebrated its 2nd anniversary on December 19, 2022. Coinciding with its anniversary celebration, VIP Skin Center also introduced two of its latest beauty treatments. The two excellent treatments are Pink Aging Shooter and The Black Laser Peel.

Dr. Mega Hapsari as Aesthetic Doctor of VIP Skin Center, said, “The two treatments are the newest innovations which are very good to get. This is our new flagship treatment thanks to its ability to provide instant results.”

Pink Aging Shooter works by injecting a high dose of serum into the skin layers. “Later it will help skin to be more glowing, moisturised, and healthy instantly. Apart from that, it can also even out skin tone, improve skin condition, maintain skin youthfulness and rejuvenate skin,” explained Dr. Mega.

Meanwhile, The Black Laser Peel treatment functions to remove dead skin cells, clean stubborn dirt, help shrink pores, regenerate collagen production and stimulates new skin cells.

“This treatment uses a laser combined with activated carbon which is applied to the face before the laser is performed. This is useful for cleaning the face down to the pores,” she added.

Best of all, these two treatments have minimal down time, so they are safe for use by any skin type. “The Black Laser Peel requires no downtime at all. This is the right treatment because the results can be seen right away,” said Dr. Mega Hapsari.

Audrey Vanessa, who is Miss Indonesia 2022 as well as VIP Skin Center Brand Ambassador, stated that it is very important to maintain healthy skin, especially during her busy activities.

“I also need stamina to carry out all daily activities. Therefore, the presence of VIP Skin Center can fulfill all my needs as for treating my skin and face,” said Audrey.

Audrey also stated that she had received various treatments ranging from vitamin C infusions to skin care, from head to toe at VIP Skin Center clinic.

“The treatment I received made my skin look fresher and glowing even when I was actually tired. As a woman, of course I have to always look beautiful, healthy and attractive. I am very happy with the support from VIP Skin Center,” said Audrey.

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