Whitelab Releases Reformulated Products & Fresher Packaging Look

An Indonesian skincare brand, Whitelab, which was founded in 2020, continues to carry out innovative developments for every product released to the market. Whitelab’s commitment to provide the best products in its class is realized by reformulating its products according to the skincare industry trends.

One of its reformulated flagship products is Intense Brightening Serum. Whitelab adds a patented ingredient, Cybright. This content helps brighten and even out skin tone more effectively, reduces the process of melanin formation and increases efficacy in the process of brightening the skin.

“Cybright also works synergistically with three main active substances, namely Niacinamide 10%, HyaluComplex-10, and Marine Collagen so that the results can be much more effective in brightening the skin,” explained Feny Febrianti as Product Development of Whitelab.

The best-selling Whitelab’s serum, which has sold more than 1 million bottles, has now changed its name to N10-Dose+ Brightening Serum. N10 represents its main ingredient, namely Niacinamide 10%, which has also been upgraded to niacinamide with the best rating and high purity. It can work more effectively and minimize irritation.

The name change is also a form of aligning the product name with other serums in the Brightening Series to make it more systematic. In other words, Whitelab is committed to continously innovate in creating safe, effective and affordable products to meet consumer needs and to be a good solution for various kinds of skin conditions in Indonesia.

Serum Exchange Program

In order to present something new to consumers, the local skincare manufacrurer held an exhibition entitled “Unveil the New Whitelab #ImCommitted” which took place at Laguna Atrium Mall Central Park, Jakarta, 2 – 6 November.

A series of events were packaged interactively, including gatherings with the “Certified Whitelabers” community, discussions about skin health with experts, skin care consulting services, serum swap activities or exchanging empty serum bottles for new serum from Whitelab, to the Commitment Pledge.

Vanya Kanyaka as the Brand Manager of Whitelab said that the main purpose of the serum exchange activity is none other than to help Indonesian women achieve the skin of their dreams. “Whitelab understands that to achieve the skin of your dreams and treat the skin consistently are not easy things to do.”

“Therefore, we invite Indonesian women to jointly take the first step towards achieving the skin of their dreams, by exchanging their empty serum bottles for free with Whitelab’s flagship serum,” she explained.

No kidding, Whitelab provided 10,000 bottles of serum for 10,000 Indonesian women who wanted to try Whitelab products and also experienced their benefits and effectiveness. Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) noted this serum exchange activity as “Local Skincare Brand with the Most Serum Exchanges” which was announced on November 5, 2022.

On the same occasion, Whitelab invited consumers to participate in Commitment Pledge activities. This program invited consumers to upload photos taken at the Magic Mirror #ImCommitted stand to social media.

Korean Star Oh Sehun Met His Fans

Whitelab invited South Korean star, Oh Seun as its Brand Ambassador at the peak event which was held on November 6, 2022. This event was a valuable opportunity for Sehun to greet his loyal fans in Indonesia.

Vanya said, “Whitelab is very proud to invite Oh Sehun to Jakarta to greet his fans and join in enlivening the Unveil The New Whitelab event.” She hoped that Oh Sehun’s presence can make customers understand and accept Whitelab with its new face better.

Furthermore, Vanya explained the reason for choosing Oh Sehun who is a man as the Whitelab Brand Ambassador. “Because skincare doesn’t only have to be used by women. We have to increase the level of public awareness in Indonesia that men don’t rule out the possibility of even having to use skincare too.”

The skin must be protected from exposure to the damaging rays of the sun and environmental factors such as pollution. “The ingredients in skincare products do not recognize gender. These can be used by both men and women,” Vanya added.

Vanya mentioned some of Sehun’s favorite Whitelab skincare products, including A-Dose Brightening Serum and Cera Mug, which is moisturizer gels of Whitelab. Sehun’s one of favorite product is Brightening Serum which is the Whitelab’s reformulated hero product.

Fresher Packaging System

Feny said that Whitelab is now visually present with a fresher new look. “Bringing a more systematic design, there will be clarified color differences in each category.”

Whitelab uses yellow for Brightening Series, green for Acne Series, blue for Hydrating Series, purple for Anti Aging Series, and red for Weekly Treatment Series. The color system aims to make it easier for consumers when choosing products that suit their individual skin conditions.

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