Wonderly: A Skincare Brand Inspired by Luxury Beauty Clinics

PT Paragon Technology and Innovation introduced its newest brand, Wonderly. It offers a range of skin care products inspired by beauty clinics and world-class perfume technology. The presence of Wonderly help Indonesian women increase their self-confidence as well as achieve fairer, more radiant skin.

Some of Wonderly’s main products include Serum Body Lotion and Face Serum enriched with Ceramide, White Collagen Peptide, and Diamond Microcrystal.

Women’s self-confidence, self-esteem and positive self-image can increase thanks to bright and fragrant skin. Their dream can be realized with skin care products such as Wonderly, of which ingredients are inspired by luxury beauty clinics. With a world-class premium scent, Wonderly delivers visible results in long-lasting bright, healthy skin.

Queena Zelina as Teens & Emerging Brand Deputy Head of Wonderly said that Wonderly, which is under the umbrella of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, presents better solutions to lighten skin through a series of products. “By taking care of their skin, women can not only enhance their external beauty, but also gain greater self-confidence.”

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With beautiful, glowing skin, Wonderly believes that women can approach the world and feel so much better about themselves. Wonderly presents Brightening Serum Body Lotion products in 4 (four) variants including Amore, Fearless, Royale and Voyage, as well as Wonderly Brightening Exfoliating Lotion.

Wonderly Brightening Serum Body Lotion product range is enriched with Diamond Microcrystal. It is 100% micronized diamond from New York which lightens skin effectively. In addition, there is also a White Collagen Peptide content which contains more than 92% protein which is rich in amino acids. It plays an important role in the formation of skin tissue to keep it elastic and supple.

Serum Body Lotion variant is enriched with world-class perfume, a collaboration between Wonderly and skincare experts from the Paragon Innovation Lab to create a premium fragrance that lasts up to 8 hours.

Apart from the Serum Body Lotion variant, Wonderly also presents a series of facial skin care products in the form of Brightening Face Serum. There are 2 (two) variants including Brightening Treatment Face Serum and Advanced Brightening Face Serum Acne.

The two Brightening Face Serum variants are enriched with Diamond Microcrystal and White Collagen Peptide which are also contained in the Serum Body Lotion variant.

Wonderly Brightening Treatment Face Serum which is suitable for normal facial skin types enriched with MoistDeep Microbubbles technology. This helps carry active ingredients to the deepest layers of the epidermis to reveal a brighter complexion.

On the other hand, Wonderly Advanced Brightening Face Serum Acne contains Triple Acne Protection with active ingredients like Centella Asiatica Extract, Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract which work as antibacterial and soothing agents and 0.5% BHA which helps treat acne prone skin.

Yessica Megistriani as the Product Innovation Manager of Wonderly explained that Wonderly takes inspiration from luxury beauty clinic treatments in the world, including diamond facials. Wonderly product range is enriched with hero ingredients including Diamond Microcrystal and White Collagen Peptide.

“Through a development process under the supervision of dermatologists, Wonderly products are scientifically formulated so that they are effective in providing a natural brightening effect on the skin from the first use,” said Yessica.

She added, “Additionally, Wonderly product range is also equipped with UVA & UVB filters that can be used every day for extra skin protection. Each product has also been clinically tested, using ingredients that are safe for owners of sensitive skin as well as pregnant and lactating women.”

The presence of Wonderly is a new choice for women to have bright and healthy skin. Wonderly, which can be a support system for women, also has a Glow Queens community. It is a place to share stories related to skin problems.

Wonderly’s range of products can be found at its Official Store including LookLab, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and Tokopedia.

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