ZAP Beauty Index 2023: Local Brands & Influencers Gain Superiority

Aesthetics Daily – ZAP Beauty Index 2023, an annual survey held by ZAP Clinic that captures the behavior of Indonesian women in relation to the beauty industry, involves around 9,000 female respondents aged 15 – 65 throughout Indonesia. This figure has increased by 3,000 respondents from implementation in 2021.

The survey, which has been conducted since 2018 in collaboration with MarkPlus, has had many versions from year to year. This time, the survey helps provide new perspective on beauty industry trends in 2023.

ZAP Beauty Index consistently releases a number of interesting findings. Some of them are beauty trends, the popularity of local brands, the power of influencers, and changes in beauty-related habits in the post-normal period. Even more interesting, ZAP Beauty Index 2023 reveals more what women think about the ideal type of man.

Women’s Ideal Type of Man

What is the ideal man in the eyes of Indonesian women? Generally, women like men who care about their appearance. The majority of women agree that men need skin care. As many as 95.1 percent of women appreciate men who use skincare regularly every day.

With a percentage of 82.9 percent, women agree that it is important for men to have skin treatments at an aesthetic clinic. This finding is proof that women no longer think that skin treatments and skin care products are specifically intended for women. This is because to be desired by women, men need to take care of themselves and pay attention to physical appearance.

Regarding individual charm and physical appearance, 87.5 percent of Indonesian women most like men who have good personality and attitude. Extensive knowledge and a fragrant body, came in second and third with 77.3 percent and 67.5 percent respectively. In addition, above average height, sharp nose and broad shoulders/chest also make women fall in love easily.

Local Brands & Influencers are Champions

This year, local beauty bands have won the hearts of Indonesian women. More women are entrusting their skin care to local brands instead of foreign brands. As many as 96.8 percent of Indonesian women use Indonesian-made skincare products.

In fact, there are 19 percent of women who claim to use local brands exclusively to care for their skin. The enthusiasm of women to use local beauty brands can be seen from the increasingly diverse and innovative local skincare and makeup products. The top four products that are most liked and widely used by Indonesian women are face washes, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens.

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Yosanova Savitry as the Chief Operating Officer of MarkPlus Institute at the launch of the 2023 ZAP Beauty Index, Wednesday (07/12) at Ashley Hotel, Central Jakarta explained that this year, products and services offered by beauty clinics are increasingly becoming a favorite of Indonesian women.

“In 2021, only 17.8 percent of Indonesian women buy skincare products at beauty clinics. Meanwhile this year, that number has increased to 32.5 percent. Apart from over the counter products, getting treatment at beauty clinics is one of the favorite activities of today’s Indonesian women,” added Yosanova.

Beauty influencers have great impact on Indonesian women when it comes to consuming beauty products. However, in the midst of many brands appointing Korean famous artists or musicians as their brand ambassadors, in fact ZAP Beauty Index 2023 proves that local influencers are still a reference to be trusted.

When it comes to choosing beauty products and services, 78 percent of Indonesian women are more interested in local influencers than Korean artists. Only about 16.8 percent of women are influenced by Korean film performers and 8.5 percent are influenced by Korean girl bands or boy bands. Apart from Instagram, it turns out that this year TikTok also has a big influence where as many as 51.5 percent of women access this social media to obtain information related to beauty.

Beauty Trends & Favorite Treatments

As many as 60 percent of respondents chose skincare products with moisturizing benefits rather than anti-acne benefits, which over the past few years have been in the top rankings. In the previous year, 53.8 percent of women were more likely to seek anti-acne benefits and 53.6 percent were more likely to seek moisturizing benefits.

Meanwhile, premature aging is a scourge of women of all ages. ZAP Beauty Index 2023 found that 14.4 percent of young girls under 19 years of age have started looking for skincare that has the ability to prevent premature aging. The more mature women, the more anti-aging benefits are increasingly becoming a priority.

Many women like to get treatment at a beauty clinic. This refers to the findings that 3 out of 5 Indonesian women choose facial skin treatment at a beauty clinic as their most favorite self-pampering activity. Facials to make the face more radiant is a type of treatment that is preferred by more than 50 percent of Indonesian women today. This is in line with findings regarding Indonesian women’s concern for dull skin. To feel beautiful, they dream of a clean and flawless face, as well as a healthy and fit body.

Responding to the findings of ZAP Beauty Index 2023, Feriani Chung as the Chief Marketing Officer of ZAP Clinic, says that Indonesian women’s trust in beauty clinics is increasing from year to year. “Apart from being a form of achievement for ZAP, the findings of ZAP Beauty Index 2023 are also input for us to continue to be relevant to what Indonesian women need to beautify themselves.”

She added, “In addition, we continue to hope that the ZAP Beauty Index can become a comprehensive and trusted reference for Indonesian beauty and health industry players, as well as fellow journalists.”

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